Check out the success stories of people whose lives have changed with Ortho-K.

Nathan  Age: 11

Our family couldn’t be happier with Dr. Zhao’s services. He is very compassionate and professional. It is very easy to set up appointments online or via phone. The office is very updated and clean.  He is very knowledgeable and responsive to concerns and great with children. He provided my son with Ortho K Lenses. These lenses allowed my 11 year old to play sports without having to worry about glasses.  He’s been using the lenses for few months with no issues.  We highly recommend him!

– Silva Family

Vaibhav  Age: 8

Vaibhav started wearing glasses when he was in first grade and by third grade, his vision was changing very quickly. We were referred to Dr. Zhao by one of our good friends, whose son with a similar condition like Vaibhav had started Ortho-K treatment. They were very happy with the results they had seen with their son. We met with Dr. Zhao who very clearly explained the benefits of using Ortho-K and how it would help with keeping his vision constant from then on. He was very patient with us in answering all our questions/concerns. My son now wears the Ortho-K lenses every night and we are very glad that he can enjoy all his activities without worrying about glasses. Thank you Dr Zhao.

– Herugu Family

Ashley Age: 13

At age four, Ashely was first exposed to soccer together with her older siblings at the Edison United Soccer Association. Since then, soccer has become a very big part of her life. As she began elementary school, it wasn’t long until she got her first pair of glasses as a result of increased school demand. The glasses helped with Ashley’s nearsightedness but were a huge inconvenience while she was playing soccer. We then tried sports goggles, which would often fog up and interfere with her vision. She also complained about the discomfort due to sweating and the limited view of vision while she had them on. As parents, we were very frustrated. Earlier this year, we were introduced to Dr. Zhao and learned more about Ortho-K and how it can help to correct Ashley’s vision. Following her treatment, I was incredibly relieved and amazed to witness Ashley is finally able to enjoy school, studying, soccer, roller coasters and much more without having to worry about glasses. Dr. Zhao is wonderful and very thorough. I am very pleased with his expertise, patience and availability. Thank you, Dr. Zhao!

-Wang Family